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    Our mission is to partner with ambitious, technical, product-driven entrepreneurs.
    We look to invest in companies that take advantage of changing industries by creating technologies which catalyze that change.
    We are early stage investors that look to partner with founders that have a Minimal Viable Product and/or a launched product and are looking for initial traction or scale.
    We typically search for businesses and contact them ourselves or look to receive referrals from our network, but feel free to send us your quick pitch!

    The journey has begun

    "Enabling students to take control of their own knowledge"
    Founding Team: Danny King and Alan Heppenstall

    Accredible is devoted to helping learners everywhere showcase their coursework, knowledge, and learning in a beautiful, engaging way. They are the next step to the education revolution. They also provide the most technically advanced certificates in the world to organizations like Udacity.
    Accredible was just rated in the 16 startups poised to disrupt the education market
    "Helping brands manage their video marketing initiatives"
    Co-founders: Rob Sandie, James Cross and Todd Troxell

    VidIQ is the first YouTube audience development and management suite that helps brands and agencies grow their views and subscribers. VidIQ was founded in January of 2012 by ex-Viddler founder Rob Sandie, Todd Troxell, and James Cross.
    VidIQ is backed by some of the biggest names in angel investment, including Mark Cuban, Chris Sacca, Scott Banister, and David Cohen, among others.
    "Drchrono is the leading mobile EHR & medical platform for doctors"
    Co-founders: Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos

    Our mission is to give physicians, medical groups and clinics a path to the future. Drchrono is a dynamic medical company that provides the core EHR platform, scheduling, patient reminders and billing system that every practice needs. Our services enable healthcare providers to have a choice of the applications, technology and back office resources they need without the expense and complexity of hospital level systems. Our goal is to give health professionals an all-in-one solution.
    "Videopixie enables anyone to crowdsource video production"
    Co-founders: Tom Saffell and Thomas Escourrou

    Videopixie is a marketplace for video production. Businesses use Videopixie to make web shows, animators, promotional videos, online courses and much more. There are 700+ video production professionals on videopixie.


    "VB Insight hope to be the Gartner for SME's"
    Founder: Matt Marshall

    Founded in 2006, VentureBeat is the leading source for news and perspective on technology innovation. Their news, analysis, and events provide deep context to help executives, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts make smart decisions. The next product VentureBeat Intel will serve as the Gartner for SME. 
    "Emberlight makes any light into a smart light"
    Founders: Atif Noori & Steve Arnold

    Emberlight is an Internet of Things startup based out of San Francisco. We are creating a simple way to automate your home, starting with lighting. Our approach will make home automation something that anyone will be able to implement without professional help.

    The emberlight system goes beyond home automation and will enable you to connect other devices, such as health monitors, to the internet even when your phone isn't around. The company is in the development phase. Stay tuned to find out more.

    "Samba TV is the Pulse of Television"
    Founders: Ashwin Navin, Alvir Navin & Dave Harrison

    Samba TV technology is built into connected devices like Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes, Smart Phones and Tablets. By recognizing what's on screen, Samba TV learns what you like, and connects you to the shows and actors in unparalleled ways. Across phones, tablets, and TV, Samba TV delivers a personal television experience. Their data and insights are transforming the way stakeholders across the media landscape are thinking about their business.
    "A new way to experience life's biggest moments"
    Founders: Nalin Mittal 

    Send your friends a personal video or picture message that will be delivered to them the day of their birthday and down the line many important avenues. 
    Now you can even send video montages!
    "Bringing competitive gaming to mobile"
    Founders: Petar Dobrev & Deyan Vitanov

    Chobolabs is bringing competitive gaming to mobile. Comprised of serial entrepreneurs, gaming industry veterans, and former pro-gamers, the Chobolabs team has previously worked on mobile games that went on to gross more than $100M in revenue.
    The company is backed by Stanford & Startx, Eric Schmidt's (Google chairman) Innovation Endeavors, XG Ventures, Formation 8 and others.
    "Delicious Asian food delivered in minutes"
    Founders: Jason Demant, Mattin Nobila & Vincent Cardillo

    Using the iOS app, customers can build their own Bento box and have it delivered in minutes.

    Customers start by choosing a main dish. We have 3 options available that rotate daily, with always at least 2 hot dishes. Then choose 4 side dishes. We have 6-8 options that also rotate daily. We focus on Asian food with dishes like Korean Short Rib, Japanese Eggplant, Dragon Roll, Seaweed Salad, Okonomiyaki & gyoza.

    After placing an order customers will immediately be able to watch as their server arrives in minutes. They’ll meet our server curbside, grab their Bento and it’s time to eat!
    "A women’s lifestyle brand and community for everything beauty, fashion, wellness, and beyond"
    Founders: Michael Broukhim & Daniel Broukhim

    A woman's lifestyle brand delivering one of the most fun, valuable, and exciting shopping experiences in the world. 
    "Quietly helps brands, businesses and publishers create great content"

    Founders: Dario Meli & Sean Tyson

    Every brand has distribution channels like a blog, newsletter and social. Moreover, every brand needs content to fill these channels. Quietly helps brands and publishers develop data-driven content that focuses on timeless topics to be promoted (and re-promoted) to increase reach, traffic and revenue. Using their proprietary tools and analytics, keyword trends and competitive landscape research, Quietly helps shape evergreen content marketing opportunities through a thoughtful and strategic approach.
    Pixlee helps brands market and sell with real customer photos and videos.
    Founders: Kyle Wong, Awad Sayeed, Miraj Mohsin, Jeff Chen

    Pixlee’s visual marketing platform curates customer-generated content in real-time, manages permission rights and easily integrates the content directly into multi-channel browsing and shopping experiences.

    The company’s approach has proven to impact sales profoundly: Shoppers that engage with Pixlee-managed content on a brand’s website are, on average, 2x more likely to make a purchase.
    A full spectrum production studio specializing in
    cinematic, interactive virtual reality, film, television, and games
    Founders: Pete Blumel, Hrish Lotlikar and Cathy Twigg

    The Rogue Initiative is a Los Angeles-based entertainment company composed of award-winning entertainment industry professionals including alumni from Amblin Entertainment, Pixar, Dreamworks Animation, Disney and Activision Entertainment creating new AAA virtual reality, digital media experiences, film, and television content.

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