• Investing in enduring brands

    Supporting founders who appreciate the long game

  • Building brands over "companies"


    When you are building a company, you can decide for it to be a short-term project or a long-term endeavor (brand) that grows into something ever-lasting for decades.


    We want to partner with founders who understand that and want to build long-term brands.





  • A few of the Brands we back

    The trailblazers

    "Samba TV is the Pulse of Television"
    Founders: Ashwin Navin, Alvir Navin & Dave Harrison


    "FabFitFun is a lifestyle membership that inspires women to lead happier lives through product and brand discovery"
    Founders: Katie Kitchens, Michael Broukhim & Daniel Broukhim



    "Drchrono is the leading mobile EHR & medical platform for doctors"
    Co-founders: Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos

    "Ownership management platform for employees & investors"

    Founders: Manu Kumar & Henry Ward

    (Personal Investment)

    "Giving private and institutional investors access to top pre-IPO companies"

    Founders: Sohail Prasad, Samvit Ramadurgam & Gil Silberman

    (Personal Investment)


    "Multiplayer gaming technology to accelerate and deploy games"
    Founders: Jacob Lyles, Michael Carter and others
    (Through acquisition of Chobolabs )
    "Marketing platform that helps brands leverage happy customers to grow their business"
    Founders: Kyle Wong, Awad Sayeed, Miraj Mohsin, Jeff Chen


    "Discover Japan Through Snacks!"

    Founder: Danny Taing

    "Helping brands manage their video marketing initiatives"
    Co-founders: Rob Sandie, James Cross and Todd Troxell



    "Energy Intelligence for Buildings"

    Founders: Mark Chung, Thomas Chung & Jonathan Chu


    "Quietly helps brands, businesses and publishers create great content"
    Founders: Dario Meli & Sean Tyson




    "Enabling students to take control of their own knowledge"
    Founding Team: Danny King and Alan Heppenstall


    "VB Insight hope to be the Gartner for SME's"
    Founder: Matt Marshall


    "A full spectrum production studio specializing in film, television, and games"
    Founders: Pete Blumel, Hrish Lotlikar and Cathy Twigg


    "Hemster is a modernized tailoring experience that empowers customers to create their own size no matter where they shop"

    Founders: Allison Lee



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