• Investing in the game changers

    Supporting founders who are building enduring companies that become iconic brands

  • Building brands that last


    Building a company is like a marathon of sprints, with lots of uncertainty, ups and downs.


    We are looking for founders who understand that it takes time to build something truly great and are willing to go through that "marathon" to get there.





  • A few of the Brands we back

    The trailblazers

    "Samba TV is the Pulse of Television"
    Founders: Ashwin Navin, Alvir Navin & Dave Harrison


    "FabFitFun is a lifestyle membership that inspires women to lead happier lives through product and brand discovery"
    Founders: Katie Kitchens, Michael Broukhim & Daniel Broukhim



    "Multiplayer gaming technology to accelerate and deploy games"
    Founders: Jacob Lyles, Michael Carter and others
    (Through acquisition of Chobolabs )

    "Ownership management platform for employees & investors"

    Founders: Manu Kumar & Henry Ward

    (Personal Investment)

    "Giving private and institutional investors access to top pre-IPO companies"

    Founders: Sohail Prasad, Samvit Ramadurgam & Gil Silberman

    (Personal Investment)


    "Drchrono is the leading mobile EHR & medical platform for doctors"
    Co-founders: Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos
    "Marketing platform that helps brands leverage happy customers to grow their business"
    Founders: Kyle Wong, Awad Sayeed, Miraj Mohsin, Jeff Chen


    "Discover Japan Through Snacks!"

    Founder: Danny Taing

    The complete guide to online streaming content, with the ability to track and play content across 350+ streaming sources.
    Founder: David Sanderson


    "Hemster is a modernized tailoring experience that empowers customers to create their own size no matter where they shop"

    Founders: Allison Lee


    "Helping brands manage their video marketing initiatives"
    Co-founders: Rob Sandie, James Cross and Todd Troxell


    "Quietly helps brands, businesses and publishers create great content"
    Founders: Dario Meli & Sean Tyson




    "Energy Intelligence for Buildings"

    Founders: Mark Chung, Thomas Chung & Jonathan Chu


    "VB Insight hope to be the Gartner for SME's"
    Founder: Matt Marshall


    "A full spectrum production studio specializing in film, television, and games"
    Founders: Pete Blumel, Hrish Lotlikar and Cathy Twigg



    Submit your email, name and a short pitch (include website domain or any demo's you may have). If interested we will contact you.